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at Gateway Student Village
Between Gateway Student Village
of Ballymun Road, Dublin 9 and
“The Occupier”, “Licensee”.


(“The Apartment”), together with the use in common with other Occupiers thereof, of the living accommodation, kitchen facilities, toilet facilities and use of all common areas appurtenant thereto in the student residential complex at Gateway Student Village, (“The Student Residence”). The Student Residence shall for the purposes of this Licence Agreement include where appropriate (but not by way of exception) the Apartment, and those portions of the Student Residence not hereby licensed together with the appurtenances thereto.


The Guarantor in consideration of the within Licence having been made in favour of the Occupier at the Guarantor's request HEREBY COVENANTS with GSV that the Occupier will pay the Occupancy Fee and any other outgoings or charges (including fi nes) payable hereunder on the dates and in the manner herein specifi ed and will perform and observe all the Occupier's covenants and conditions herein contained and that in case of any default by the Occupier in respect of such payments or in the observances or performance of such covenants and conditions as aforesaid the Guarantor will pay and make good to GSV on demand all and any losses, damages, costs, charges, expenses and/or fi nes thereby arising or incurred by or levied on the Occupier


“We”, “Us”, “The Landlord”: Gateway Student Village (GSV)
Landlord’s contact details: Administration Office,
Gateway Student Village,
Ballymun Road,
Dublin 9.

Telephone: 01-8424060

You may contact us using the above methods but please note we prefer communication to be made via email or mail. “The Occupier”, “Licensee”: You, the student who will reside in the apartment for the length of time covered by the Licence agreement.


A guarantor is a co-signatory of the Licence agreement. Your guarantor will be bound to the Licence agreement and will have to pay all fees and charges if you fail to do so.

“Occupancy Fees”:

The entire amount of fees required to pay for your accommodation.


A deposit which must be paid at time of booking to cover any damage which may occur during the period of residency.

“Occupancy Period”:

The occupancy period is the time from the start date of your Licence agreement to the end date of the Licence agreement. Your occupancy will begin at 10am on the start date of your Licence agreement and will end at 12pm on the morning of the end date.


The contents are all furniture, fittings and equipment provided for use of all residents within the residence.

Conditions of Licence:

The Occupier has read the terms and conditions of this Licence as set out in the Second Schedule and agrees to be bound by said terms and conditions. The Occupier understands and accepts that should the Occupier commit a serious breach of this agreement GSV shall be absolutely entitled to revoke this Licence and the Occupier shall vacate the premises on being given 48 hours prior notice in writing, without prejudice to any other rights accruing in favour of GSV arising out of the breach of the terms and conditions of the Licence or otherwise.


Terms and Conditions Binding on the Occupier

  1. Entire Agreement
    The Licence Agreement together with any terms, conditions, rules or regulations which may be made from time to time by the GSV, for the orderly use and management of the Student Residence, which shall be notified in writing to the Occupier or published represents the entire agreement and understanding of the parties. No other terms and conditions, whether expressed or implied shall be binding upon the Occupier unless in writing and signed by a duly authorised officer or representative of GSV
  2. No Assignment
    This Licence is personal to the Occupier and may not be assigned, sub-licensed or otherwise dealt with, in whole or part, by the Occupier.
  3. Deposit
    a. The Occupier shall pay a booking/security deposit in the sum of €400
    b. Where the Occupier vacates the apartment prior to end of the Occupancy Period or where GSV revoke the Licence the deposit shall not be refunded and shall be forfeited in full.
    c. The booking deposit will be refunded to the Occupier within 8 weeks from the end of the Occupancy period provided that the terms and conditions of this Licence have been complied with in full and upon receipt by GSV of all keys security cards/fobs issued to the Occupier.
    d. Any outstanding fines, utility charges, cleaning costs, outstanding administration charges etc. will be deducted from the deposit.
  4. Occupancy Fees
    a. The Occupier shall pay the first installment of occupancy fees before the start date of the occupancy.
    b. In the event the Occupier fails to pay the full amount due for the first and second semester by the due date as notified to the Occupier then GSV reserve the right to cancel the reservation, forfeit the deposit and re-advertise the room.
    c. The Occupancy fee includes an electricity allowance up to a maximum of €10 per person per week. Usage above the allowance is at the Occupier’s expense.
    d. TV licence is not included in the occupancy fee and is a matter for the occupier.
  5. Data Protection
    Under the Data Protection Act all details provided to GSV by the Occupier will not be disclosed to any third parties. Accordingly GSV can only discuss issues regarding the occupancy with the Occupier and not with any other third parties including the guarantor.
  6. Cancellation Policy
    a. Cancellation Prior to Commencement of Licence Agreement:
    If the booking is cancelled within three days of the first round CAO offers GSV agree not to hold you liable for the full term of your contract, however the booking deposit will not be refunded.
    b. Cancellation after confirmation.
    Where the Licence is cancelled or revoked after payment is receipted all monies will be forfeited.
  7. Permitted User
    The Occupier agrees not to use or permit the Apartment to be used otherwise than for student residential purposes.
  8. Responsibility of Occupier
    The Occupier is responsible for the condition of the Apartment, and for what happens therein, from the moment they receive their access card until the end of the Occupancy Period.
  9. Fire Safety
    a. The Occupier agrees to be bound by all fire safety and other regulations for the safe and orderly management of the premises, the apartment and the Student Residence as may from time to time be imposed and to acquaint himself/herself with these regulations and the emergency escape routes and not not to interfere in any manner with the fire and safety equipment.
    b. Irrespective of how many “false alarms” have occurred the Occupier must treat every alarm as an emergency.
    c. The unnecessary interference with fire safety equipment or the discharge of fire extinguishers is considered a serious act of vandalism and which may result with possible eviction. There will be a fine of €500.00 for each offence of tampering with fire safety equipment. This fine will be levied against the Occupier responsible or against the Occupier whose visitors/guests are responsible.
  10. Health and Safety
    The Occupier agrees:
    a. To adhere to a strict no smoking policy in all the apartments.
    b. Not to consume Alcohol outside the confines of their apartment. Alcohol is not permitted on the grounds or in the corridors. An Occupier wishing to consume alcohol can only do so in the confines of their apartment and is expected to do so in a responsible manner.
    c. Not to interfere with or over-load any electrical apparatus installed in or on the Apartment or the Student Residence and not to install any additional electrical wiring, gas piping or portable gas or paraffin heaters into the Student Residence or the apartment. Candles and chip pans are not permitted in any apartment.
    d. To ensure that any electrical goods which are brought onto the property by the Occupier are in proper working order and meet acceptable safety standards.
    e. Not to place or cause any obstruction in or on the apartment or on any hall, stairs and landings, or in or on any part of the Student Residence and in particular not place any vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles therein or thereon save in such locations as may be designated for the parking or storing of same. Locks will be cut and bicycles will be removed and a €150 fine will be charged to the offender on release.
    f. Not to undertake any cooking or otherwise prepare any food in the premises except in the kitchen of the apartment and not to dispose of any materials into any sink or lavatory or otherwise so as to block any drains, pipes or sewers serving the complex.
    g. Not to store or keep or permit to be kept in or on the premises or the apartment or in or on any part of the complex any dangerous, combustible substances or materials whatsoever and to report immediately the presence of such substances or materials to GSV.
    h. Not to throw or deposit, or permit to be thrown or deposited, dirt, rubbish, rags or other refuse in the apartment or any part of the complex. To remove all waste from the premises and apartment and at all times to make use of a common rubbish bin in respect of such items.
  11. Building Safety and Appearance The Occupier agrees:
    a. Not to hang or permit to be hung, or expose any clothes or other articles or to exhibit any sign board, poster or advertisement matter of placard, flag or banner outside, in or on the Student Residence or outside in or on the apartment or the complex and in particular not to affix any such or other sign or placard to the inside walls of the unit or the structure, plaster work or woodwork therein.
    b. Not to expose any washing or wearing apparel or any linen on any part of the premises, the apartment or the Student Residence and not to carry out or permit to be carried out any laundering or other similar activity in the baths, washbasins, sinks or cisterns in the apartment.
    c. Not to store or hang any items on the balconies. Occupiers who wish to keep garden furniture on their balconies must have prior approval from GSV.
    d. No satellite dishes are permitted anywhere on the premises.
  12. Security
    a. Occupiers should not open the door of their apartment to strangers at any time. All GSV representatives must wear a valid ID badge and identify themselves.
    b. All Occupiers must ensure that the main door, balcony door and all windows of their apartment are locked at all times.
    c. The Occupiers must provide identification when requested to by security personnel or a GSV representative.
    d. The Occupier shall not under any circumstance to part with the possession of any keys to the premises or any security card/fob for the purpose of gaining access to the premises or the apartment and to report any loss thereof immediately to GSV. The Occupier shall be liable to GSV for the cost of the replacement of any key or security card/fob (€100) so lost or destroyed. If all keys are not returned on vacation of the apartment the occupants of the apartment must incur the cost of replacing the lock in this apartment.
    e. It is the responsibility of each and every Occupier to ensure that all external doors and gates are kept closed. Occupiers must not allow nonresidents whom they do not know to enter any part of the accommodation.
  13. Anti Social Behavior
    a. Occupiers are not permitted to hold parties in or on the premises or the apartment or in or on any part of the Student Residence not to play musical instruments or radios, televisions or other sound producing apparatus in such a manner as to cause distraction, annoyance or nuisance to the other Occupiers of the apartment or the Student Residence and in particular not between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. A noise penalty of €100 will be imposed on offenders of this condition.
    b. Parties are strictly prohibited and a fine of €200 will apply to any breach of this whether the students are residents of the offending apartment or visitors from another apartment within the Student Residence.
    c. Not to use balconies between 11p.m and 8a.m.
    d. Anti-social behavior will not be tolerated and any Occupier acting in this manner will be fined and may have their Licence revoked.
  14. Internet
    GSV operates an internet fair usage policy.
  15. Damages
    The Occupier is responsible for any damages caused to the apartment as a result of negligence, accidental or otherwise and are responsible for any repair/ replacement costs of same. All damages must be paid for as they arise.
  16. Furniture, Fittings and Fixtures
    The Occupier shall not deface the premises, the apartment or the complex or to drive nails or drawing pins in to the walls or woodwork, of the premises or the apartment nor to affix any form of sticky tape to plaster or woodwork, or otherwise to deface the premises or the apartment or the complex and to remove any of same within 24hrs of notification by GSV. The repair cost of any defacement will be deducted from the deposit, or at the discretion of GSV, be payable by the occupant to GSV on demand.
  17. Cleaning/Inspections
    a. The Occupier shall keep the interior of the premises in a clean and hygienic condition, including all fixtures, fittings and installations therein and not to damage same and to indemnify GSV against all claims arising out of any damage thereto. If the premises and apartment is not maintained by the Occupier to a standard of cleanliness acceptable to GSV, GSV will arrange, on the giving of 48 hours written notice to the occupant, to have the premises/ or apartment cleaned. The Occupier will be responsible to GSV for the cost of cleaning (€150 will be charged per apartment) if cleaners have to clean the apartment as a result of noncompliance.
    b. The Occupier shall not expose any bottles, containers or other articles in the area of the windows of the premises or the apartment.
    c. The Occupier shall allow GSV appointed individuals to enter the apartment on a bimonthly basis to inspect the apartment for cleanliness and to ensure the conditions of occupancy are being upheld.
    d. All residents are expected to have common areas of the apartment clean and tidy for the arrival of any new residents during the year. Advance notice where possible will be given to existing residents of new arrivals.
  18. Maintenance
    a. The Occupier shall not impede GSV, its agents, or workmen from entering the premises or the apartment for the purpose of examining the state of repair and condition thereof or for the purpose of effecting such repair or renovations to the premises, the apartment or any part of the complex.
    b. The Occupier shall inform GSV immediately of any emergency or situation requiring urgent attention.
    c. GSV may require the Occupier to vacate the apartment to conduct necessary alterations, repairs or decorations during the period of the Licence. The Occupier must vacate the apartment in the timeframe agreed by GSV provided that alternative accommodation is made available to the Occupier for said period.
  19. Ventilation
    The Occupier shall not cover wall vents/fans in toilets and kitchens as these are required for ventilation under Building Regulations. Ventilation is also very important to avoid buildup of moisture and mould growth, particularly in kitchen and bathroom areas. All windows should be opened each day for a short period to allow proper ventilation of the apartment when the apartment is occupied.
  20. Visitors
    a. The Occupier shall not permit visitors to remain overnight in or on any part of the premises; the apartment or the complex breach of this term herein may result in a fine and or expulsion without refund.
    b. The Occupier is responsible for all visitors to their apartment. Any damage or disturbances caused will be the responsibility of the Occupier
  21. Insurance GSV is exonerated from all liability for any loss of valuables or personal belongings kept in or on the premises or the apartment or student village, which shall remain at the sole risk of the Occupier. This includes all vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles parked in the car park and bicycles racks. It is advisable that all occupants should insure all personal effects and belongings including bicycles and laptops. Student’s possessions insurance is available from www.
  22. Access by Gateway Student Village GSV reserves the right to enter the apartment at any time without prior notice. However, advance notice will normally be given whenever possible.
  23. Departure The Occupier shall leave the apartment in a clean and orderly condition that is suitable for immediate re-letting.
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