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Gateway Student Village

Situated in a location that is nearby to DCU, Trinity College Dublin, D.I.T Universities and only 15 mins from the Dublin City Centre, Gateway Student Village offers student accommodation that is safe and secure and really is a home from home. It’s well connected to Dublin transport services, with major bus routes to the city centre right on the doorstep, so travelling around the city is easy.

With easy access to all the best that Dublin has to offer, like the Guinness Storehouse, The National Gallery, Cinemas and theatres as well as an array of bars, gig venues and shops less than 15 minutes away you’ll never be far from the centre of the action!


Sharing Together

Sharing a twin room can be both a test of companionship and an opportunity for bonding. As each person navigates the shared space, they learn to accommodate each other's habits and preferences, fostering patience and compromise.

Whether it's coordinating schedules or respecting personal space, communication becomes key. Yet, amidst the occasional disagreements over room temperature or noise levels, shared laughter and shared experiences create a unique camaraderie.

Late-night conversations, whispered secrets, and shared adventures forge lasting memories, turning a simple room into a sanctuary of shared stories and friendship.


Like your own space?

Appreciating one's own space within a single room is akin to finding solace in a personal sanctuary. It's a haven where one can retreat from the chaos of the world, embracing solitude and introspection.

Within these four walls, there's a sense of liberation—a canvas where one can express their true self without inhibition. From the arrangement of belongings to the ambiance created, every corner reflects individuality.

Here, one can delve into hobbies, thoughts, or simply unwind, finding tranquility in the absence of external demands. It's a refuge where self-discovery flourishes, nurturing a profound connection with oneself.


Stay Together

Sharing an apartment with three, four, or five people transforms living quarters into a vibrant community. It's a dynamic blend of personalities, each adding their unique hue to the shared canvas of daily life.

From impromptu gatherings in the living room to collaborative cooking sessions in the kitchen, every moment is infused with camaraderie. However, it's not without its challenges—negotiating chores, respecting boundaries, and maintaining harmony require open communication and mutual respect.

Yet, amidst the occasional disagreements, laughter resonates, bonds deepen, and lifelong friendships blossom. In this bustling abode, shared experiences weave a tapestry of memories, creating a home where everyone belongs.

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